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Einstein's theory of relativity has been the dominant narrative of astrophysics since 1919 even though it culminates in the shocking conclusion that most of the universe must be made up of a mysterious and invisible matter… a matter that no one has ever observed. This matter, known as dark matter, has been the fountain of youth, the holy grail, the El Dorado for physicists for nearly a century. Countless hours, careers, and dollars have been dedicated to proving that dark matter exists; yet, despite all that, no one has successfully detected it.

“Our abilities to measure and predict are incredibly advanced today, but the big questions are as mysterious now as they have ever been. We all seem to have the same big questions and you don’t need a PhD in physics to be curious about them.”
- Steve Brown, Director of Chasing Einstein

Chasing Einstein documents the crossroads physics now finds itself at. Some of the sharpest brains in the industry continue to dedicate their lives to search for dark matter, but others have begun working on a new theory of gravity. A theory that would upend how we look at the universe.

Picture of Chasing Einstein physicist looking to the stars.
“If Einstein made a mistake, every subsequent theory that was rationalized from the core theory has the potential of being off. You start piling theories on top of each other, it might be a long way off. That means we’re looking for a bunch of stuff that doesn’t exist…”
- Cree Edwards, Tech Entrepreneur in Chasing Einstein

Chasing Einstein follows leading scientists around the world, from the largest particle accelerator at CERN in Switzerland to the LIGO gravitational wave detector in the United States to find out whether Einstein's theory of gravity, as it passes its 100th birthday, can stand the test of time.

“What we hope this film does is lay out the current day tension around Einstein’s vision of the universe and why this matters. This tension could lead us to the next scientific revolution, in the same way that Einstein brought us into a new era of understanding 100 years ago.”
- Timothy Wheeler, Director of Chasing Einstein

About Chasing Einstein

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